Why a field is perfect for your next event

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Why a field is perfect for your next event!

When it comes to organising an event, the venue is an important part of your plans. You need to think about finding a venue that has the space and ambience you need, as well as one that will suit the type of activity or party you have in mind.

Often, the more conventional types of venue fall short on space – so why stick to conventional! Break away from the sameness of the more conservative venues and go for a totally fresh outlook – literally, with a field!

Why? One of the major benefits is obviously space. You have ample space to play with – a blank canvas to create the venue of your dreams. This makes it easier to plan a logical flow to your venue –from when guests first step out of their cars, right through the party area and onto the subsequent quieter chatting area and/or sleeping quarters (if you’re having overnight guests).

Having the space to create a flow to your venue is crucial, as after all, your event is predominantly a social occasion. This means you’ll want to dedicate areas to specific functions, such as a food and drink area, a space for seating, and another for entertainment etc. When you hire a field like Partyfield, we provide everything you need to help create the flow you want – including a main marquee, bar tent with seating area and separate toilets.

But a field offers you more than just space and an unconventional venue – it offers you exclusivity, without the usual price tag. When you hire a field for your venue, you have it to yourself for the duration of that hire period. No neighbours, no sharing and no worrying about who might gate crash your event.

This means you can enjoy extended hours of entertainment and partying as, although any main sound system has to be turned off at 12am on Friday and 1pm Saturday, you can enjoy music played on the Blockrocker iPod dock in the after-hours tipi.

Finally, a field like Partyfield, gives you the ability to allow your party goers a place to sleep over. Whether they want to camp out or if you provide them with luxury furnished yurts and tipis, is entirely up to you and your budget.

When it comes to unconventional venues, a field may not naturally be your first-choice but, once you realise the benefits, it really should be your main choice!

We have so many different options and choices available to you, in order to make your event a success. Why not take a look or drop us a line – and see why Partyfield really should be your perfect choice for your next event?

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