Team building gets creative

Partyfield team building gets creative

Gone are the days when team building equated to pushing your team to their limits.

Fuelled by a desire to ‘make’ them work together, employees were sent on rigorous team building days out, scaling military-grade obstacle courses and being abandoned on Brecon Beacons. These types of event focused on the stamina and fitness of all team members – leaving those with disabilities, weaker dispositions and general low fitness levels, lagging behind and feeling very self-conscious.

Although these types of activity are still enjoyed by many, employers are looking for more effective ways to inspire their teams and encourage interaction – and creative activities are proving very popular.

Creative-based team events allow teams to learn something new, without the need to raise competitiveness and hierarchy. They’re not dependent on fitness levels and can be experienced by ALL team members. They encourage everyone to come together as one big team, to experience something new and often, to create a takeaway from the day and learn a new skill. They help build and instil confidence, build rapport and help boost team camaraderie.

So what type of creative events are available for you to consider as your next team building event?

There’s a wide range of events available, suited for indoor and outdoor-based team building events. Subject ideas include:

Painting and drawing – either working on one big project or individuals working on the same subject matter

  • Singing – these typically involve singing as a choir, with the Rock Choir being a popular choice
  • Music – drumming is a popular choice, as is junk percussion!
  • Treasure hunts – this is always a popular choice, especially if themed!
  • Cooking – from simple picnic and singalong styles, right through to cook-offs

The beauty with creative-based team building events is two-fold; they can be equally effective with small groups and large, plus they work equally well outdoors.

And the main keys to successful creative-based events?

Encourage interaction, regardless of each individual’s level of expertise in the subject, and make it a happy and productive time, with everyone pulling in the same direction – and add plenty of enthusiasm!

If you’d like to take your creative-based team building experience outside, why not check out what we have to offer? Here at Partyfield we can provide both – and outdoor location in the Dorset countryside and the means to go under cover, should the weather dictate.

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