Team bonding – take your example from the animal kingdom

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Team bonding – take your example from the animal kingdom

The animal kingdom can teach us so much about teamwork. Whether it’s how to bond or creating a show of loyalty, animals have it all going on. Here are some examples of teamwork we can learn from our animal friends, regardless of how small or large they may be.


Bees live for the common vision – the survival of their hive. Even the queen bee knows ego has no place in the community, regardless of the position you hold. They can teach us that, no matter what role someone has in the work environment, it’s an essential part of the overall plan.


These impressive giants can teach us much about team bonding. Did you know that they all take turns in nursing duties? Elephants help their team mates out, and in doing so, have a huge amount of empathy for each other. If another team member is injured or ill, elephants will try to help them, lifting them up if needed and, if an elephant should die, the entire team will mourn their passing.


These pack animals show us how a team should function well – with everyone having a specific and clearly defined role to play. They work as a team, for the best of the pack – having a fierce loyalty towards the entire pack – even if that sometimes means challenging the leader! They’re also master communicators – using everything at their disposal to communicate with each other.


Meerkats beautifully illustrate trust. They have the utmost faith in their lookout – one meerkat is assigned this role and he is left to get on with it. There’s no doubting him and no checking in to see that he’s doing the job right.


When it comes to collaboration and teamwork, ants have it all. They help each other and work together to overcome obstacles – not matter their size. But did you know that ants tend to hate each other? Makes you take a fresh look at how we all view teamwork and common goals, right?

And it’s not just same species working together. Mammals, insects, fish and birds all show that teamwork isn’t limited to like working with like. It’s about working towards a commonly held vision and goal – and working as a team to achieve it.

Working together as a team can be hard, especially if you don’t appreciate the part someone else plays in the overall scheme of things – and this is where team building and corporate events come into their own. If you’re in the Dorset area and are looking for somewhere to host your next team building or corporate event, why not check us out and see what Partyfield can offer you?

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