Are you planning a surprise party on a big scale?

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Points you need to remember...

When it comes to organising a surprise party, planning is key. It will take a great deal of organisation to ensure your surprise party really goes with a bang.

So with that in mind, here are some of the often hidden pointers we at Partyfield can give you, in order to make sure your surprise party is properly organised?

Pick a date – any date?

When it comes to selecting the perfect date for your surprise party obvious isn’t always best. If you’re making plans to celebrate a specific event, such as a birthday or anniversary, it may be wise to actually book a date a week or two before the big event. Why? Well your guest of honour may well have made their own plans, and cancelling them may not be an option they wish to follow through.

Think of the flow

When it comes to organising a party, especially in a unique or open location, you need to think about the layout of the venue. Think about where you’ll be placing the eating and bar areas, in connection with the dance floor, as well as seating arrangements. Think about accessibility to the men’s and ladies’ rooms, as well as cloakrooms for coats, bags and things like umbrellas etc. Look to incorporate a quiet area or break-out area, if you’re hosting a live band and, if you’re holding an outside event, ensure you have easy access to the designated parking area.

Invites and directions

These need to be send out at least a month before the event. You’ll also want to provide an address for guests to RSVP to, so you have an accurate headcount of confirmed guests. You’ll also want to provide the address details – and, if you’re using a rural location, a map and written directions.

Dress accordingly

One of the most important things you’ll need to let your guests know about (after date and venue) is the dress code. This isn’t just a case of stating smart or casual attire – if you’re hosting an event outside or in a rural location, you need to let guests know this, so they can take coats and blankets, if needed. Also, so they can make sure they’re not wading across a muddy field in their best stilettos…

Extended hours and sleep overs

It’s not just children who look forward to sleep overs! If you’re looking into using a rural location, it’s worth checking to see if the venue has the ability to allow guests to sleep over. This is especially important if your guests are travelling any distance. Whilst you’re asking about accommodation, it’s also worth looking into what hours your venue is available to you for – as some venues will give you exclusive use over the weekend – meaning the fun can be extended to the daytime and the following morning!

When you book a venue with Partyfield, you will have exclusive use of the field – and our price isn’t dependent on how many guests you have coming – so why not take a look at what options you can use, to ensure your surprise party is an unforgettable one and as large as you want!

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