Why not organise a festival?

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Stuck for a present idea for your loved one? Why not organise a festival!

Are you bored of buying presents for your loved ones, that just don’t hit the spot? Do you have a loved one that is a bit of nightmare to buy for? How about arranging a surprise party with a difference – and opt for a festival of honour for your nearest and dearest?

A unique way to celebrate

A festival is a great way to celebrate something special, you only have to look at the popularity of the commercial festivals being held over the UK. They make a really unusual gift and can take on any format – from a music festival to a celebration of life. This makes them an ideal choice for a celebrating birth, wedding, anniversary, birthday and even the passing of a loved one.

In 2015, one lucky lady, Sarah couldn’t believe her eyes when she turned up to find her friends and family stood in a field! Her husband had decided to put on an event for her birthday, instead of buying her a present. It provided a perfect environment to celebrate her special day and to bring together family members from near and far.

Create a truly personalised experience

When it comes to personalised experiences, a festival provides you with the opportunity to be limited only by your budget and creativity! Sarah’s husband decided to make Sarahfest unique in a couple of ways – he created a photographic montage of her whole life and screened it on a giant outdoor cinema screen, for all to see, He even tracked down and bought along the old VW camper van that they first met in, on their Cornwall camping holiday.

A festival gives you a chance to personalise everything – from the food to the entertainment and music, so take advantage of that. This can include hiring a band or DJ, entertainers, caterers and whatever else will help celebrate the preferences of the guest of honour.

Be sure to take the guest of honour’s preferences into account

This doesn’t just mean in terms of entertainment etc. – it’s also important to consider how they are with surprises generally. If they’re not a lover of surprise parties and don’t appreciate being surprised – they’re probably not going to like having an event organised for them.

When it comes to organising the event, here are a few tips to help make the event a success:

Tip #1: Pick the date – if you’re arranging a surprise festival for their birthday or your anniversary, it may be wise to let them know to keep the date free – otherwise they may well make their own plans and then resent having to cancel them. Plan on holding your festival a week or two before their specific celebration date would be a good idea.

Tip #2: Make a guest list – so you don’t forget anyone and they all know not to discuss the festival with the guest of honour! Also, you can ensure they know both the dress code and that they need to arrive at least half hour before your guest of honour.

Tip #3: Get a cover story in place! You will need to have a story in place, in order to make sure your guest of honour is both dressed appropriately AND at the venue, without sussing what is going on. This may include enlisting the help of other guests, so make sure they all know what cover story is being used!

If you’re looking to organise a surprise festival for your loved one, why not take a look at how we can help? Contact Us to discuss what options are available to you.