Get away from it all on your hen or stag do!

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When it comes to organising a stag or hen do, sometimes the more ‘traditional’ options just won’t cut it.

Whether it’s down to personal preference or age of the soon-to-be bride or groom, not everyone will appreciate a stag or hen do full of crowds, noise, alcohol and scantily-clad entertainers.

But if it’s your job to organise the impending festivities – what other options are there?

When it comes to a hen or stag do with a difference, there are several options available to you – including a tech-free, getting away from it all break!

Perfect opportunity to unwind, prior to the wedding

These type of get-away breaks are perfect for both the bride or groom who want a chance to truly chill out, prior to the big day. A wedding and all the planning involved, can be a really stressful and prolonged experience, so is it any wonder your bride and/or groom will want a chance to unwind?

Not only will this type if hen and/or stag do give them a much-needed break away from organising their big day – it also gives them a better chance to actually enjoy their day when it arrives!

A chance to bond and socialise

Organising a tech-free get-away gives everyone who is invited a chance to bond and socialise with each other – in person. We can become so reliant on technology and social media, especially when we’re busy and stressed. Taking a break in nature will give all invitees a chance to switch off, unwind, bond together and become a closer unit, prior to the big day and associated responsibilities.

So how can you make the most of a get-away from it all break?

Firstly, look to lose all technology! Opt to leave your laptops at home and switch off mobile phones. Obviously you’ll want access to a mobile phone, in case of emergencies, so leaving them at home isn’t always an option – so take them with you and, to ensure no wavering in resolve, look to stash them all in one car under lock and key!

Secondly, why not turn it into a creative experience? Find the inner artist or poet amongst you, create a photography contest or break out the colouring pencils and books! Other activities you can get creative in, include creating flower garlands, organising a scavenger hunt or, if you’re really stuck for ideas, why not take materials with you to create your wedding favours in a great environment!

Other options include creating a ritual or spell, making wishes and writing down things you want to release from your life (and then burning the paper in the campfire).

A final top tip to ensure everyone enjoys their break away, is to impose a release your inner child rule. This opens up the arena for anything! You could build your own shelters, have a midnight feast or even sit around a campfire telling stories. And don’t forget to appreciate the night sky too – remember being a child and having the chance to lie on the grass and just admire the stars? Well try it as an adult and see who can find and name the constellations!

If you’re looking to plan an alternative hen or stag do, why not take a look at what we can offer at Partyfield? Whether you’re looking for a day event or a get-away break, we can help! 

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