Event trends for the year ahead


Planning an event for your business can be hard, especially if you’re not sure what is currently ‘in vogue’.

As with anything else, events also have trends and knowing what those upcoming trends are, will make your event planning go much easier.

The key to any modern event is to make it customised. Business owners are realising, events that are based solely on business and networking are on the decline – employees and clients alike, want personalised, unique experiences. They want offline and in-person interaction, combining great experiences with food and technology.

Conferences and meetings between departments are heading towards being more experience-led events, encouraging active participation and giving employees a chance to get out of the office environment.

So what type of events should you now be looking at planning?

Pop-up experiences

There are more and more entrepreneurs starting their own businesses and bringing those experiences directly to their clients, via pop-up shops, events and weekend retreats. You can incorporate these individual entrepreneurs into your next event or find a space and build your own bespoke event, giving your guests the chance to experience new cuisine or health experience – especially as food and drink experiences are high up the list of trendy events.

Set-dressing and themes

Giving your event a theme and dressing the event with props, is another way to move your event forward. You can provide a Moroccan experience, complete with tent, cushions and dancers or opt for a safari lodge or treehouse theme.

Combine social media and technology with your event

You cannot fail to notice that social media and technology both play a huge part in everyday lives. People are constantly taking selfies, snapchatting and vlogging about themselves and life generally.

So look to incorporate them into your next event. Look to provide an interactive experience, where guests can join in-person and online. Include video screens to share guest’s social media postings and images, look to live-stream, live tweet and snapchat throughout the event yourself (or designate it to someone), in order to share the experience with everyone.

Finally, use social media to build you’re your pre and post-event communication. Look to build up the excitement around the event, give people a reason to come along and make sure to follow up with them afterwards.

At Partyfield we have both the space you need for your next event and the facilities, regardless of the size and theme of your event. We can even help extend the event, with glamping facilities additionally available for those guests who want to stay over. 

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