Benefits of holding a corporate event away from your place of work

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Benefits of holding a corporate event away from your place of work

When it comes to organising a corporate event, one of your first thoughts is usually based around where to hold your event. Hosting it at your company offices can be a lot cheaper, but is it the best option for your team and your business?

When it comes to hosting an event at work, your company premises simply may not have the adequate space or suitable facilities needed for an event, particularly if it’s something like a gala meal or music-themed evening. If you’re looking to hold a team building event, holding it at work will do nothing for the morale and mind-set of those involved either.

So what benefits would you gain from holding the event away from your place of work?

Actually, quite a few benefits! These include:

#1: A fresh outlook

Taking an employee into a different environment can help give them a fresh outlook on things. It can help encourage them to open up about how they really feel and to be open to new ideas and working practices.

#2: Feelings of appreciation and value

By taking your employees out of the work environment, you’re showing that you value them and are willing to spend time and effort on them.

#3: Fewer distractions

Holding an event at work inevitably leads to distractions. If there’s a problem or an employee is needed for whatever reason, it’s easy to call them out of the event, especially if it’s considered important and necessary. However, if the event is held off-site, this wouldn’t happen and another solution would inevitably be found.

#4: A change from work mode

This gives them a chance to step outside of their normal work mode and relax. It puts all employees on a more equal footing on neutral ground, encouraging them to interact and work together, without being in a typical work environment.

#5: Change of scenery

A change is as good as a rest. A change of scenery can give your staff a renewed zest for their work. It can be reenergizing for them and reignite the spark they initially had for the role. A new setting will also encourage your employee to be more creative and to be more open to new ideas and strategies.

Holding an event at your work premises may be a financially cheaper option, but you’ll be doing yourself and your staff a disservice, as the benefits to be gleaned from an offsite event, will reward you with a greater financial return in the long run.

Here at Partyfield we have the perfect space and facilities for your next corporate event, whether it’s a team building or hospitality-based event. Why not check out our website and see why both international and national-based businesses have been returning to us to host their corporate events for the past 20 years.

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