Corporate Events

For over 20 years we have been providing land for corporate events, parties and private festivals. Whether its team building, a thank you to your staff or clients or you just want to have a great day out, we can provide the perfect location for you.

Come and sleep the under the stars in our luxury furnished Bell Tents, Tree house or 3 bedroomed double decker bus, whilst enjoying fantastic food and sitting around a roaring log fire, listening to bands or Dj’s. We can provide you with a fully licensed and staffed bar, serving cold draught beer and drinks in a super cool bar tent connected to our main marquee. Our site is fully licensed and serviced including mains three phase electricity, and simply everything you will need, so no need to worry about obtaining licenses or arranging generators and water etc. We offer a complete turn key solution for your event requirements making the organisation considerably easier and less time consuming.

We are confident that what we offer, provides the perfect environment for your company staff, employees and guests to completely relax and enjoy themselves. We have various national and international companies that have been returning to us year after year. Their events have become a regular cannot miss fixture in the calendar, and something employees and clients look forward to as one of the highlights of the year. As well as music and great food, we can offer an array of great entertainment and activities, as part of the weekends schedule. Our site is set in a valley and is full of character, it is ideal for any sized corporate event.

If you have been tasked with arranging the annual office/company party, then you have found the right place to put together something truly memorable. If you want to come and have a look at an event to get some ideas let us know and we will arrange it.

Worth A Mention.

HMRC Exemptions:  Expenses and benefits: social functions and parties

You might not have to report anything to HMRC or pay tax and National Insurance on your corporate event. To be exempt, the party or similar social function must be:

  • £150 or less per head
  • annual, such as a Christmas party or summer barbecue
  • open to all your employees

Separate locations and departments

If your business has more than one location, an annual event that’s open to all of your staff based at one location still counts as exempt. You can also put on separate parties for different departments, as long as all of your employees can attend one of them.

Multiple annual events costing less than £150 per head combined

As long as the combined cost of the events is no more than £150 per head, they’re still exempt.

Event costs for employees earning at a rate of less than £8,500 per year

You don’t have to pay or report for these employees as long as they are not directors.

BUT, it is always worth checking with your Accountant and/or HMRC for the definitive for your company as we are not Tax Advisors.  Click here to go to the latest advice from HMRC.

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